When The Child Teaches

To say I was encouraged at church today would be an understatement. I, along with CTS Singers from Continental Theological Seminary, attended a church in Monse, Belgium to assist in leading them in worship and presenting them a few songs we’ve worked on. The idea of these trips is to be a blessing to the church and to lead them into the presence of God, which I feel like we did.

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But more than blessing them, the children of this church blessed me deeply. In between songs some of the church members began to pray out loud (I’m not sure what all they said because it was in French.) Their praying was in and of itself beautiful, authentic, spontaneous, and yet, orderly. As I was listeing to these saints pray, a little boy (which I found out later to be the pastor’s son) began to pray out loud with such boldness. I thought this was the peak of the prayer time until I saw other little children follow his lead and take turns praying out loud as well. These children must have been from 4 to 7 years of age.

It was evident that this was not “your grandma’s church” or “your parent’s church” but this was a church of all generations. It gave me so much joy to see what Acts recalls over and over in that “you will be saved, you and your household.” (Acts 16:31b).

Hearing elderly men pray in low, powerful voices followed by high-pitched voices of five-year-olds taught me several things:

1.Don’t Underestimate What Children Can Teach You

Paul said it best in telling Timothy to set an example for those above him who were looking down on him. These children set the bar for me for praying bold prayers in public.

2.Allow Children to Worship in the Main Service

I know opinions differ as to when to dismiss children to children’s church. I know it works differently in each context and for some churches it’s better to check them in as soon as they arrive. However, what I noticed today is that children learn best by their parents example. What their moms and dads value, so will they. And what they do (bold praying), they will also follow.

3.God Continues to Use Children to Minister to Adults

Like I said above, these children touched me deeply, and I’m sure I was not the only one. God used their small prayers to make my faith big. It reminded me of how God uses the small lunch of a boy to feed thousands of men. God hasn’t stopped using children for His glory, and we should perceive these moments and glorify God in them.


Brief update:

For those who do not know, I have been studying in Brussels, Belgium at Continental Theological Seminary since September of 2016. You can view the video update below this page.

I will be traveling to Madrid tomorrow for a few days to see my parents and to see the International Church of Madrid as well.

When I return I will continue traveling with CTS Singers (the music band) from the seminary.

Thank you for your prayers and support,